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Silver Tucson


For thousands of years silver as well as gold have been one of the most sought-after metals through the world. The value and beauty are borderless as many cultures have chased this treasure around the world. Here at Silver & Gold Trading we know that nothing has changed when it comes to this beautiful metal. In jewelry, art, coin, bouillon, or any form for that matter, silver is still in high demand and is a store of value. With that in mind Silver & Gold Trading focus on 3 specific aspects relating to silver: Buying, Trading and Investing.


Your silver has value. While silver is less expensive than gold it actually has an industrial demand that far exceeds that of gold. This makes it a much more widely used metal so many people do not realize how much silver they have accumulated throughout the years. Sure, broken and unbroken silver jewelry as well as coins, bouillon and art can be made of silver, but there are so many other silver treasures. There are overlooked things like silverware, picture frames, baby cups, candlesticks and the list goes on and on. There could be so many things around you made from silver that just don’t catch your eye yet can hold a lot of value for you and we are here to help you access that value. So, look around and find your silver treasures and when you are ready come to Silver & Gold Trading for an easy, fast and secure transaction. We pay the most for the things we want. We keep your transaction private and we take care of all the details to give you a professional, comfortable experience. We guarantee your satisfaction or we will not do the deal for you.


While primarily involved in the physical market we do trade in the paper markets as well. Using stocks, options and futures to make a profit in the metals market can be a very powerful tool to add to anybody’s bottom line. If you are interested in trying to make money using the markets we do offer private instruction on some of the mechanics we use to trade in the market. This service is by appointment only. We do not give trading advice. We train on strategies and methods used in your trading.


Our focus in this area is to assist all of our clients who wish to accumulate a position in precious metals and to do so with the least amount of friction in each transaction. Low premiums, quality products and accurate information make us the best choice for investors who are looking to secure their financial protection using precious metals. We do not give investment advice. We simply facilitate the transaction for you with professionalism and integrity.

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